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Power Business Consultants, is an Israeli consulting firm that specializes in assisting small and medium size business optimize their growth and economic potential. 

We assist both new start-ups in setting up their businesses from day one to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability as well as trouble-shoot existing businesses and get them back on the right track to greater financial success.

Our company consists of one corporate attorney and some eight economists, lawyers, CPA´s and other specialists with over 80 years of combined business experience in establishing and running successful business across various sectors of the business world.

Our team of business specialists conduct in-depth analysis of our client businesses to get at the roots of why current business is stalling and then we design and help to implement a multi-faceted program to be undertaken by management in order to send their business rocketing up into a new realm of profitability and growth.

Through our analysis we find some exciting solutions for our clients, and then we put the solutions to real life tests, and our track record demonstrates that when the correct business-cracking actions recommended by our team are implemented and followed, prosperity and success follow. 

For start-up companies, we analyze their potential market and company needs and we develop a tailored program so that the business from the outset is as efficient and profitable as it can be, and our consultants continue to monitor the business and provide our expertise when necessary to resolve problem situations as they arise. 

Key to our success is the in-depth, hands-on, and thorough Management and Administrative training we provide our clients.  We train our clients in all of the key issues necessary to resolve difficult business issues as they arise, and we provide clients with a wide spectrum of custom-tailored Business Correction Tools to debug each and every facet of the business cycle and keep them on track to optimum prosperity. 

Power Business Consultantshas helped businesses achieve great success in one of the most dynamic and challenging business arenas: Israel and the Middle East.  Our regional success has led to international demand for our consulting services.

To find our more about how we can help you, contact us today at info@pbcinc.co.il

Power Business Consultants.